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Our comprehensive line of commercial remote refrigeration package systems are used worldwide – delivering new standards in restaurant, hospitality and institutional segments. Our commitment to you is to meet and exceed your needs and continue to improve our customer service relationship, making us your #1 source of valued refrigeration equipment.

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Standard Features

  • UL Listed Indoor or Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (Air & Water)
  • Ambient Engineered Aluminum Fin, Rifled Tubing Multi-Circuited Condenser (Air)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Condenser Air Discharge (Air)
  • Main Fuse Disconnect (Air & Water) Indoor or Outdoor
  • Fully Insulated Suction Line (Air & Water)
  • Internal Pitch Pocket Accomodation for Refrigeration Lines and Electrical Connections (Air)
  • Refrigeration and Water line connections stubed-out to roof of unit (Water)
  • Individual Water Shut-off Valves located on main water manifold (Water)
  • Strainer located in Main Water Line (Water)
  • Properly Sized Receivers for 100% Pumpdown (Air & Water)
  • Sightglasses, Liquid Line Filters/Driers, Dual Pressure Controls and Defrost Time Clocks (Air & Water)
  • Suction Accumulators on all Low Temps (Air & Water)
  • Vibration Eliminators on Semi-Hermetic Only (Air & Water)
  • One Year Parts Only Warranty (Air & Water)
  • 90 Day Labor Warranty

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Standard Options

  • 460v Operation (Air & Water)
  • Suction Line Filters, Inline or Removeable Core Available (Air & Water)
  • Super-Hoses (Air & Water)
  • Cold Weather Protection (Air)
  • Emergency Water By-Pass (Water)
  • Ice Machine Condenser Circuits (Air)
  • Copper Condenser for Extended Life (Air)
  • Stainless Steel Housing (Air & Water)
  • 50 Cycle Operation for Export Projects (Air & Water)
  • Prison Package (Air & Water)
  • Heat Reclaim (Air & Water)
  • Four Year Extended Compressor Warranty
  • One Year Labor Warranty

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