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Overview – OT Base Coil Series

Innovative Cooling Performance

The OT Coil Series offers a comprehensive line of pre-assembled evaporators that you can depend on to save time & money. Choose from our line of high performance coils that feature pre-piped & pre-wired factory controls that are tested & pressurized to ensure system integrity.

We do all the work, so you don’t have to!

Choose from 3 time saving styles: *Full Prep Unit – All controls, *Slave Unit – Thermo Expansion Valve (Only) or *Raw Unit – No controls. Custom piping and refrigerants are available upon request.

Evaporators Features

  • Transflow blower delivers up to 30% more CFM for greater performance
  • Medium and low temperature applications in 115 volt. 1 phase electrical service Omni-200 Gold Coating – Corrosion resistant fin stock at No Extra Charge
  • Available in single side or double side discharge to fit any application
  • Rugged heavy guage aluminum body delivering years of service
  • Low profile design can be vertically mounted on back wall to maximize interior storage capacity
  • Full Prep – basic unit plus factory mounted expansion valve, solenoid valve, thermostat and liquid line strainer
  • Slave – basic unit plus factory mounted expansion valve
  • Raw – basic unit only with no factory mounted controls Standard 115 volt 1 phase electrical service

Evaporators Options

  • 208 volt/ 1 phase for either domestic or export projects
  • Air-management deflectors re-direct chilled air to areas that need’s it most
  • Stainless steel housing for highly corrosive environments
  • Versatile drain line configuration left side or down – right side or down
  • Consult factory when special piping configurations are required

ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology

What is ESP+?
ESP+ intuitive evaporator control technology is designed to replace traditional electro-mechanical refrigeration controls typically used on medium and low temperature applications. By combining award winning adaptive technology along with an electronic expansion valve, KeepRite Refrigeration continues to be The Right Choice For The Refrigeration Professional.

Installing an evaporator utilizing the ESP+ intuitive evaporator control technology is simple. Two pipes, two wires and you’re done. No interconnection control wiring between the evaporator and the condensing unit is required.

ESP+ Features

  • Quick simple installation
  • Improved evaporator performance by minimizing excessive frost on the evaporator
  • Eliminates ice build up on surfaces and product
  • Energy savings through evaporator fan management
  • Energy savings with reduction in the number of defrost cycles
  • Defrost heater management
  • Improved system diagnostics and service through advanced alarm notification text/email
  • Remote monitoring & system control
  • User friendly interface
  • Precise temperature control for prolonged product shelf life
  • Improved product integrity with less potential for spoilage
  • Downloadable data provides system history for prior 30 days
  • Remotely view and change system parameters and alarm settings
  • Manually control system
  • Easily troubleshoot issues

ESP+ Controls

  • Box temperature
  • Superheat
  • Liquid Line Solenoid
  • Defrost Initiation
  • Defrost Termination
  • Fan Motors
  • Defrost Heater(Electric Defrost Models)
  • Plus – User can access operating data directly from the system interface

15-20% System Energy Savings Over a Properly Commissioned System!

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