Design & Sales

Omniteam has an experienced staff ready to assist. Your project is assigned to an individual who can design your project with particular characteristics you require. every project includes environmental impacts such as high or low ambient temperatures, ocean environment and high altitude corrections.

Our CAD department uses the latest software allowing us to keep pace with your design team. All of our CAD details are catalogued, speeding turn-around of your submittals. We incorporate a system of checks & balances working with the design team insuring your drawings are accurate for field distribution.

Our sales staff of seasoned professionals has many years in the refrigeration industry. We know you competitor’s limitations, so our people can offer you a better solution, balancing equipment cost versus operation impact. Our regional representation is designed for the best service of our product to you.

Production & Warranty

Our inventory of refrigeration components and compressors is one of the largest in the West, allowing us to manufacturer equipment quicker. But quicker doesn’t mean we compromise quality. We employ trained union personnel who pay great attention to detail throughout the assemly and fabrication of your equipment. Each department suppervisor reviews, the quality of the workmanship, and if it doesn’t meet our standards, it’s redone. Final Q.C. tests all aspects of your equipment, ensuring an integrity that many consultants, kictch equipment, and refrigeration contractors can attest to.

Our high standards allow us to extend our factory warranty on parts and labor for replacement. Each product has been designed to utilize most standard components purchased at your local refrigeration distributor, minimizing downtime during service. We offer an extended compressor replacement warranty for an additional four years for your peace of mind.

Installation & Service

Omniteam offers factory technicians to supervise or commission installations, both nationally and internationally. Critical installations, performance and maintenance procedures are related to the client’s service personnel to compliment our equipment. In addition, our technicians are able to communicate with equipment (supplied with our Computer Monitoring Intelligence Network) using modern and laptop computers. Being able to interface with the equipment allows immediate diagnosis, recalibration or shutdown for maintenance / service procedures.

We have elevated our commitment to customer service. Omniteam has an after “business” hours center to receive your call. Our message center will contact our “on-call” technician and relay your message. Whether it’s a warranty or service issue, our technician can authorize or schedule service to resolve your matter in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.