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Our comprehensive line of commercial remote refrigeration package systems are used worldwide – delivering new standards in restaurant, hospitality and institutional segments. Our commitment to you is to meet and exceed your needs and continue to improve our customer service relationship, making us your #1 source of valued refrigeration equipment.

Parallel Systems Features

  • UL Listed Indoor or Outdoor Multi-Compressor Parallel Unit
  • Designed for either Air or Water Cooled
  • Pre-Piped and Pre-Wired for Single Point Connection
  • Properly Sized Receivers for 100% Pumpdown
  • Suction Lines Insulated back to Compressor Suction Valve
  • Compressors provided with Individual Shut-off Valves, Breakers and Electronic Oil Failure Controls
  • Replaceable Core Liquid Line Driers, Sight Glass and Oil Seperator’s provided with each system
  • “Super-Hose” Standard on each Pressure Control
  • CPC Controlled
  • Parallel Rack shipped under Nitrogen Pressure to maintain system integrity
  • One Year Parts Only Warranty
  • 90 Day Labor Warranty

Parallel Systems Options

  • C.M.I.N. Package (Computer Monitoring Intelligence Network). Consists of Hi-Low Auto Reset Pressure Control, Phase Loss Monitoring, Low Refrigerant Alarm, Remote Alarm Annuniciator, Integrated Defrost and Temperature Control (C.M.I.N. Package Meets H.A.C.C.P. Monitoring and Self Inspection Criterias)
  • Modem Hook-up for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Factory Training for C.M.I.N. System
  • High & Low Suction Alarms
  • High Discharge Alarms
  • Oil Failure Alarms
  • Echelon Network ( IP Address Required )
  • Four Year Extended Compressor Warranty
  • One Year Labor Warranty

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